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All roads lead to the future, like it or not.

The future waits for no one. This also goes for gas transportation. If we don't become involved it will simply happen without as. The future starts now, and all of us play a part and are being challenged.

We know what we're capable of. We've written a few success stories already. We want to be the best. To achieve that we critically question our abilities: we do research, we develop things ... And, step by step, we move towards the future, for example with power-to-gas or "green" ideas such as biogas transportation. This way we stick to our core competency while remaining open to innovation and the development of intelligent products. This also means daring to do new things, looking at what the future may offer, and developing recipes for the future.
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Abracadabra: power-to-gas

We can't do magic and we don't want to be magicians, but we are exploring various ways of storing energy. Power-to-gas is a remarkable technology which already is available. It's a very promising, interdisciplinary system solution. We, Open Grid Europe, see power-to-gas as a much-needed solution for the new energy age and are engaged in the development of this technology. We are convinced of "solar energy and wind in the gas grid", i.e. power-to-gas!
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Promising solutions for the new energy age

Yes, a product can be intelligent because what is always meant are the strategies and paths surrounding the product itself. Intelligent, efficient products, Industry 4.0, Big Data, the Internet of Things ... there are many catchwords to describe the energy transition. It has an impact on all market players, including us. Since the beginning of what is also known as the "energy turnaround", not only the costs have been growing but also the challenges and the responsibility for finding sustainable solutions and for jointly identifying and embarking on new paths. And yes, this could also be about biogas from chicken dung. Not an easy undertaking, but we'll persevere...
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Of course we won't fly to Mars ...

... but what we've achieved so far is quite impressive and something we are proud of. We place high demands on applicants, but not higher than the demands we place on ourselves.

Whether it's pay, employee satisfaction, family friendliness or career opportunities - we have high standards and targets for all benefits we provide as an employer. Others call it Employer Branding, for us it's a natural thing to do. But it's no reason for us to rest on our laurels because we can always do that little bit better.
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